Checking Your Criminal Records for Free

It is vital that you check your criminal records from time to time a good place to start might be with local trial lawyers. If you know for a fact that you’ve never been convicted of a crime, you may wonder why you would need to check. However, it is possible that the police department made a clerical error and entered you as a criminal. You should always be aware of what is on your public records in order to ensure that the information is the truth. It used to be quite difficult for you to check your own criminal records- and if you could get them, it would cost you a fee. However, as the government has become more comfortable with granting access to public information, this has changed. These days, you have the ability to check your criminal records online for free. When you’re looking for a new job or moving to a new place, you should check your criminal records so that you know what they’ll see in your background when they look.

Criminal Searches Website

This is the most comprehensive database to use when searching for criminal records. It will allow you to access your criminal public records free of charge. When you get to the site, you’ll click on the advanced search. Then, type in your name and date of birth. Of course, date of birth is not required, but entering it will ensure that the database is accessing the right records.

When you get your criminal records, there will be symbols on it. Use those to find out the nature of your alleged crime. Additionally, you can click on “View Details” next to your name so that you can get even more information regarding your personal public records.

Things to Remember

Keep in mind that you should check your records a minimum of once a year to make sure that all of the info is correct. Additionally, if you are an employer, you can use this to check your potential employees. After all, if you’re hiring a caregiver for your children, don’t you want to be sure that you can trust her?

Finally, in some cases, minor offenses such as traffic violations could also be listed on these records. Therefore, you must remember that just because they have these records does not make them a criminal.